Piece of Cake Foundation

The Piece of Cake Foundation supports disadvantaged children, women, and families across the USA.

Moving you moves us to give back

Piece of Cake Moving & Storage was founded in 2018, and has fast become America’s most loved and highest rated mover. With the core business value of “Being A Caring Human” the company’s mission has always been to meaningfully and consistently help those in need.

Piece of Cake Foundation was Founded by Vojin Popovic in 2023 and anchors Piece of Cake Moving company’s philanthropic work as a separate entity to support organizations and charities in the USA.

Piece of Cake Moving & Storage donates $3 dollars from every customer moving day to the Piece of Cake Foundation. With 10,000’s of customers trusting Piece of Cake with their moving day every month, the contribution is significant.

Charities & causes
we support

The Piece of Cake Foundation supports a wide variety of charities and organizations across the USA, which focus on support the following missions

  • Shelter for children, teens and families facing homelessness
  • Support and opportunities for domestic abuse victims
  • Support for children in the foster care system
  • Support for terminally ill children, teens and their families
  • Education programs for children and teens in disadvantaged
  • Food program for children and families facing food insecurity

How to get involved

Your moving day with Piece of Cake Moving & Storage makes a difference. If you know of a charity or community organization that needs funding and support let us know. With strict compliance we thoroughly review all organizations which we support ensuring that funds are effectively supporting those in need.

Request Foundation Support

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If you know an organization that requires support let us know by filling out the form below. Please note that Piece of Cake Foundation only supports legitimate charities and organizations.